Morocco arrests Omar Radi on rape and spy charges

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Omar Radi

PERSISMA, Rabat, Morocco – The public prosecutor at the Casablanca Court of Appeal announced on Wednesday, 29 July 2020, that the investigating judge has ordered that Omar Radi be remanded in police custody, following preliminary questioning, with a view to further investigating the charges against him in two cases relating to indecent assault with violence and rape and the receipt of foreign funds for the purpose of undermining state’s domestic security and initiation of contacts with agents of foreign countries in order to harm the diplomatic situation of Morocco.

In a press release, the public prosecutor noted that following a complaint lodged by a citizen and on the basis of the investigation carried out by the judicial police services of the Royal Gendarmerie in Casablanca, the public prosecutor’s office referred Omar Radi to the investigating judge at the Casablanca Court of Appeal in order to investigate two alleged offenses relating to indecent assault with violence and rape, pursuant to articles 485 and 486 of the Criminal Code.

As part of the investigation already announced by the prosecution in its press release dated June 24, 2020 and following the results of this probe carried out by the National Brigade of the Judicial Police, the competent public prosecutor’s office also requested to carry out an investigation with the accused concerning the receipt of funds from foreign parties in order to undermine the domestic security of the State and to make contacts with agents of foreign countries to harm the diplomatic situation of Morocco, two offenses provided  in the  Articles 191 and 206 of the Criminal Code, the press release concluded.

In this regard, the Omar Radi has been recruited by Dutch diplomats stationed in Rabat since 2013, responsible for monitoring the general situation in Morocco; this relationship was strengthened on the occasion of the events that occurred in the city of Al-Hoceima in the North of the Kingdom. He served as a secret agent to collect informations related to the situation in the Rif (region in the north of Morocco) for the benefit of Dutch diplomats.

In addition of being manipulated by Dutch diplomats, Omar Radi has received remittances from abroad, particularly from the Al-Mayadeen channel, which is controlled and funded by Iranian intelligence, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

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