Sahrawi Protests for More Freedom of Movement Continue in Tindouf

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PERSISMA – The Polisario Front is experiencing several protests in Rabouni, Algeria, in which dozens of Sahrawis are demonstrating against tightened restrictions.

The former Polisario officer, Mustafa Salma Sidi Mouloud, presented a photo of the demonstration on his Facebook and captioned: “The protests continued in the Tindouf camps since 01 April 2019.

According to Mustapha Salma, the demonstrators “only ask for their right to move freely,

The protesters describe Polisario’s restrictions as “forced detention” and a “violation of the right of movement.”

In addition to the protests in Rabouni, dozens of Sahrawis also carried out a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the self styled “Sahrawi Ministry of the Interior” against lack of freedom of movement.

The forces of security of the polisario intervened using violence against the demonstrators. This tough intervention caused serious injuries between the protesters, and the detention of 14 of them in the polisario prison, known as “Dhaybia” in Rabouni, where they started a serious hunger.

Once Every 20 Days

The Polisario reportedly restricted cars from leaving the camps once every 20 days, and restrictive measures hampering the freedom of movement of the population of the Tindouf camps to northern Mauritania.

The repression of demonstrators by Polisario armed militias and the denial of the right of everyone to move freely is a flagrant violation of all international conventions protecting human rights.

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