Amnesty International Rejected by Israeli Court for Lack Of Evidence

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PERSISMA, Jerusalem — According to AFP, the Israeli Court ruled that the international NGO did not present sufficient evidence “to prove the claim that an attempt was made to track a human rights activist by trying to hack his cell phone”.

An Israeli court ruled that Amnesty lawyers had not provided evidence “to prove the claim that an attempt to track down a Moroccan human rights activist by trying to hack into his mobile phone” or the hacking was performed by the company NSO.

“Licensing is done after the most rigorous process and also after licensing, the authority performs careful monitoring and inspection, if necessary,” the court said. If it turns out that human rights have been violated, this license can be suspended or canceled, it added.

In a report released last month, Amnesty International said that the phone of Moroccan journalist Omar Radi was tapped using NSO technology as part of the government’s efforts to suppress dissent.

On this subject, Morocco had denounced the “serious and tendentious accusations” made by A.I against the Kingdom and “insisted on obtaining an official response from this Organization which claims to defend human rights: a response that includes all the material evidence it would have used to harm Morocco”.

After several days of waiting and prevarication, the response of A.I’s interim Secretary General, Julie Verhaar, to the head of government, Saad Dine El Otmani, “has not provided the material evidence that the Moroccan government has repeatedly requested” from the Organization since the publication of its report, which contained unfounded accusations against Morocco and was accompanied by an international media campaign for defamation and condemnation.

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