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European Parliament Hails Moroccan Commitment to Carry on Reform

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PERSISMA, Strasbourg – The European parliament hailed on Wednesday headways made by Morocco and its commitment to carry on reforms as well as its resolve to intensify ties with the European Union in the framework of the advanced status.


In a resolution adopted in a plenary session, the European parliament commended Morocco’s resolve to intensify ties with the European Union and draw maximum benefits from the advanced status, stressing that implementation of the constitution, reforming the judiciary system, consolidating capacities of democratic institutions, supporting the civil society, contributing to human development and negotiating a deep, comprehensive, ambitious and mutually-beneficial free trade agreement should be the first goal of the Union’s support to Morocco.

The resolution also underlines that implementing reforms, particularly the advanced regionalization process in the respect of cultural, economic and social specificities will contribute to consolidating democratic processes at the local level.

The EP further takes note of the work accomplished by the National human rights council (CNDH), calling for reinforcing the CNDH regional branches with human and material means to help them carry out and expand their missions.

On the Sahara issue, the EP resolution encourages all the involved parties to endeavor to reach a peaceful, lasting and acceptable settlement, in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.

After recalling that the Sahara conflict is a major obstacle to integration in the region, the resolution asks Algeria and Morocco to create active partnership likely to help them take on regional challenges.

It also insists on the need to promote lasting socio-economic development projects in order to facilitate the movement of goods, services, capital and people, welcoming in this context the adoption last December of a joint communication by the High Representatives and the European Commission that makes proposals to support the five Maghreban countries in their efforts for closer cooperation and increased regional integration.

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