Guinea Opens a Consulate General in Dakhla

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PERSISMA, Dakhla, Morocco – The Republic of Guinea opened Friday a Consulate General in the southern city of Dakhla.

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans abroad, Nasser Bourita, and his Guinean counterpart, Mamadi Touré.

Rabat and Conakry have established relations that are based on solid historical foundations, strong humanitarian ties and understanding of all regional issues, said Bourita, noting that Guinea has always had an unwavering, clear and positive position over the question of the Moroccan Sahara, and it has always supported the legitimate positions of the Kingdom on the Moroccan aspect of the Sahara.

“Guinea has always taken the side of Morocco in all its diplomatic actions within the African Union (AU) and the UN,” he said, noting that “the opening today” of a consulate is in line with these unwavering positions, from the beginning of this artificial regional conflict on the Moroccanness of the Sahara”.

The President of the Republic of Guinea Alpha Condé played an important role in Morocco’s return to the AU, given that the latter was the president of this organization, Bourita explained.

The Minister said that the opening of this consulate will allow interaction with the Guinean community, develop economic and commercial relations and support the presence of Guinean students in the region.

Beyond its political and diplomatic scope, the opening of this diplomatic representation constitutes a means of economic interaction, given the fact that the city of Dakhla is a real link between Morocco and its African depth, the Minister explained.

The dynamic of the opening of these diplomatic representations is a clear message sent by Morocco to “those who wish to find a solution under the full Moroccan sovereignty over its southern provinces and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, given that the Moroccan identity of the Sahara is consolidated every day, through diplomatic positions and legal measures, like the opening of consulates, successive statements of important countries and resolutions of the Security Council”, he noted.

For his part, the Guinean Minister for Foreign Affairs Mamadi Touré stressed that the decision to open a consulate general in Dakhla is a sovereign act of Guinea, which once again gives concrete substance to the constant positions of his country with regard to the Moroccan aspect of the Sahara both within the UN, the African Union (AU) and other international fora.

In this regard, Touré noted that the opening of the Consulate General of Guinea in Dakhla is part of the continuation of the strengthening of bilateral relations in the service of the common interests of the two countries.

The Guinean diplomat reiterated the firm position of his country on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom, saying that Guinea will continue to support the just Moroccan position.

This diplomatic representation will be responsible for ensuring the well-being of Guinean nationals and defending their interests in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, said Touré, noting that the opening of this consulate is “a concrete example” of the “distinguished” cooperation ties uniting Morocco and Guinea.

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