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HM the King Gives Grant to Restore Areas in Al Aqsa Mosque, Foreign Ministry

PERSISMA, Rabat – As part of the solicitude and continuous interest by the Commander of the Faithful, HM King Mohammed VI, chairperson of Al Quds committee, for Al Quds Asharif and the preservation of its architectural monuments and nationalization and spiritual heritage, HM the King decided to give a grant, as Morocco’s contribution, to the restoration and development of some areas inside the holy Aqsa mosque and its environment.

A statement by the foreign affairs ministry said that his royal generosity is part of continued efforts that the sovereign is tirelessly making at all levels for the benefits of the city of Al Quds Asharif, in support of the resistance of Al Quds inhabitants and the defense of the historical status of the city and in favor of the promotion of its civilizational identity and religious symbolism as an open space for coexistence and tolerance between the different heavenly religions.

In this regard, Moroccan architects and craftsmen will be sent to preserve the centuries-old architectural authenticity of Al Aqsa mosque, said the ministry.

HM the King, Commander of the Faithful, ordered that this operation be conducted in coordination withthe administration of Islamic Awqaf of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the statement concluded.

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