IOC Lauds Morocco’s Efforts to Develop National Sport

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PERSISMA, Rabat – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) lauded efforts made by Morocco to develop the national sport as well as the Kingdom’s interest in promoting young people’s status.

“IOC officials have lauded efforts made by the Moroccan government to develop the national sport and the interest in promoting young people’s status,” said a statement by the Moroccan National Olympic Committee (CNOM) after a visit to Lausanne to explore and identify aspects likely to reinforce partnership with the IOC.


During this visit (April 25-27), IOC officials voiced, to the Moroccan delegation which is composed of representatives of the youth and sports ministry, their full satisfaction with the special relations with the CNOM and expressed their appreciation of the understanding and complementarity between the Moroccan authorities and actors involved in national sports.

They also offered their expertize for Morocco in relation with the different modes of sport management.

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