Morocco Mall, premium shopping and leisure destination

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PERSISMA, The result of an innovative vision and supported by experts in the field of retail, Morocco Mall is definitely a project of the future due to its new age concept of shopping and leisure destination, dubbed « retailtainment », with a varied and diverse offer appealing to everyone. With over 600 brands of clothing, homeware, culture, luxury, entertainment and technology; shopping represents 60% of the Mall’s offer and is a podium for major international brands. Many brands have chosen Morocco Mall for their first appearance in Morocco and the region, showing their trust and belief in the project.


The Morocco Mall experience will be unforgettable for the whole family thanks to its many leisure facilities, many of which are in Morocco for the first time. The theme park Adventureland for both the young and young at heart, with over 4 700m² of rides as well as one of the largest ice rinks in Morocco with a chalet theme and the all new IMAX 3D showing a wide range of 3D and 2D films. Morocco Mall has 40 different restaurants, from fast food to casual dining to delight and suit all tastes as well as kiosks providing snacks and pastries offering the visitors of Morocco Mall a food to suit every mood and occasion.

Unparalleled service

The customer service of Morocco Mall is of the highest quality in order for its visitors to enjoy their shopping experience even more. This is achieved through Wi-Fi access, disabled access, interactive maps etc.

Morocco Mall takes care of its privileged visitors too through the V.I.P lounge: the Miraj offers those privileged visitors exclusive services in a truly luxurious setting. The Miraj becomes a haven from the other activities of the Mall with a dedicated team to serve the every need of even the most demanding visitors; it is the absolute Morocco Mall experience.

Shopping destination

Diverse shopping experience

Over 600 international brands will be represented by Morocco Mall in its 350 stores. These brands range from clothing (Men, Women and Children) midrange to luxury, homeware, culture, entertainment and electronics.

Morocco Mall will play host to the first Galeries Lafayette and FNAC stores in Africa as well as many luxury brands, offering the consumers of Morocco a brand new range of products.

First point of sale in Africa

 Galeries Lafayette


 Banana Republic

 La Martina

 Ralph Lauren


 H&M

 Bershka

 Uterqüe

And many others …

The Galeries Lafayette, whose shop façade of a unique design has already received a Guinness World RecordTM, offers 10,000 m² of commercial space with over 300 brands of which 90% are available in Morocco for the first time. The shop is structured around 6 departments:

 Women’s fashion

 Men’s fashion

 Children’s fashion

 Beauty

 Accessories

 Footwear

The Galeries Lafayette Casablanca has a team of dedicated buyers who travel the world in search of new fashion trends to keep the department store adapted to the ever changing market.


Morocco Mall plays host to the first FNAC store in Africa. Set over 2,000 m², the FNAC Casablanca is the first mega book store in Africa with over 35,000 references and 12 book advisors. It also has a collection of TV-video, sounds, photography, computers, DVD, CD, books and games.

70% of the new technologies will be classed as “premium” goods as well as 30% of editorial products. Through forums and cultural exchanges, the FNAC will pay particular attention to the new talents of Morocco whom will benefit from the FNAC’s commitment in promoting the young Moroccan art scene.

Luxury at the heart of Morocco Mall

Situated on the first floor of Morocco Mall, the luxury zone has over 42 stores over 7,000m2. Many famous brands are present and waiting to receive their new clients: Prada, Donna, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, as well as Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Ralph Lauren and La Martina who are all franchises belonging to the AKSAL Group. For the most part, these brands have put their trust in Morocco Mall for their first appearance in Morocco. Each brand is committed to provide the same collections, services and advice as the European capitals.

A complete list of all brands is available online:

The Morocco Mall fountain

Key facts & figures

 3rd musical fountain in the world

 6,000m² in total

 210 metres in length

 Up to 42.5 metres wide

 282 jets rising up to 60 metres high and 360°

 756 spot lights  4 minute spectacle every 20 minutes  6 different choreographies in total (these change throughout the year)  A team of 10 employees are necessary for the maintenance and care of the fountain

Aquadream Key facts & figures

 3rd aquarium of its kind in the world

 1 million litres of water

 13.4 metres in diameter

 9.3 metres in height

 Temperature between 24 et 26°C

 Around 3,750 types of coral et 26 species of fish

 100% automatic water management

 20 full-time employees needed for the maintenance and care of the aquarium.

Leisure facilities

Designed a place of life, Morocco Mall makes a delight of every moment spent thanks to its entertainment and leisure activities which represent one fourth of commercial space.

To live the Morocco Mall experience is to be transported into a world of magic, highlighted by the unusual, friendly and fun activities in Morocco and more generally Africa. Visitors have a diverse choice of enchanting worlds from Marine World to the Swiss chalet…

The Morocco Mall fountain

The musical fountain of Morocco Mall is the 3rd of its kind in the world captivating its audience through its being choreographed to music.

Found at the heart of the gardens, facing the sea, this fountain is unique not only by its size (210 metres long and up to 42.5 metres wide) but by its surface area (6,000m²). Not forgetting 500m of black granite 5cm thick around the base of the entire fountain to enrich the visual delight.

282 jets of water rise up to 60 meters, controlled electronically in relation to the weather and 756 spotlights for an aquatic show rich in colour. All this set to a selection of Moroccan, Arab and International music.

The choreographed show lasts for 4 minutes every 20 minutes and is renewed throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy the show from the plant covered amphitheatre, the food court or the V.I.P lounge Miraj.

The fountain was carried out by WET, who have worked on some of the most prestigious fountains in the world such as the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas. The Morocco Mall fountain is the 3rd of its kind in the world after the Bellagio and Dubai Mall fountains.


A first for Morocco: a sea water aquarium with extraordinary dimensions.

With more than 1 million litres of sea water, the Morocco Mall aquarium allows visitors to discover around 3,750 types of coral and 26 species of fish, as well as 4 sharks.

With a diameter of 13.4 meters and a height of 9.3 metres the aquarium is crossed by a transparent cylinder-shaped panoramic lift able to carry up to 12 people allowing them to get closer to the fish.

To add an educational dimension to this fun activity, a permanent educational exhibition where visitors can expand their knowledge on the various species by way of educational videos and 3D posters has been built.

Aquadream is a major project undertaken by the specialist ICM placing the Morocco Mall aquarium as the world’s 3rd largest aquarium behind Washington and Berlin.

IMAX 3D cinema

Take a journey into the world of 3D with the first IMAX 3D in Africa!

Found within the dome at the entrance of Morocco Mall with a capacity of 365 people (of which 8 seats are for the disabled), the IMAX 3D makes up for a lack in the existing local offer. The IMAX 3D offers a varied viewing schedule adapted to the general public alternating from documentaries to current box-office and Hollywood blockbusters in both 2D and 3D.

The IMAX 3D also offers light dining and confectionery according to international standards. Adventureland

Even the youngest are not forgotten at Morocco Mall, the perfect family location. Adventureland is a place completely dedicated to them through: game arcades and attractions (jump around, magic bikes, mini carousel, wave blaster, bumper boat, Jamaica, climbing wall, bumper cars, little train, soft play). Adventureland is a secure area that allows the whole family to have fun on their visit to Morocco Mall.

Adventureland also plays host to the first ice rink in Casablanca, one of the largest in Morocco, with a chalet theme and exotic feel.

For those special moments, Adventureland offers a reception room to celebrate, for example, a birthday in a fun and magical atmosphere.

Variety of flavours

Food service is an essential component of Morocco Mall. Like retail, the objective is to offer the most diverse and varied experience to attract as many visitors as possible. Morocco Mall has the ambition to satisfy each and everyone by offering a range of international and Moroccan flavours in an exceptional and unique setting.

The restaurants range from fast food to casual dining, inside and outside to enable visitors to take full advantage of sunshine filled days and the mild Casablanca climate.

The Food Court boasts 40 different restaurants (with 1,200 seats in total) with a sea-view. Its design and development was influenced by Morocco through its counters, tray patterns and its choice of building materials.

Whether it is their first introduction or merely to strengthen their presence in the region, the most major international restaurants have chosen Morocco Mall as their podium in Morocco.

On the ground floor, the table-service restaurants are in a prime location with some even offering terraced seating overlooking the gardens. Furthermore, during the summer months, food can also be bought from kiosks in the gardens or at the Beach Club.

List of restaurants available online at

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