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Morocco’s autonomy initiative, sole solution to Sahara dispute- Conference in Geneva

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PERSISMA, Geneva- Participants at a conference, held on Thursday in Geneva, highlighted Morocco’s autonomy initiative for the Sahara as the sole solution to the regional dispute that will put an end to the humanitarian tragedy and the denial of human rights endured by the populations held against their will in the polisario-run camps of Tindouf (south-western Algeria).

The participants in the conference, themed “the human dimension in conflict resolution”, raised the grievances of the population held captive in the camps where they have been denied basic rights, including the freedom of expression, for over three decades.


The Speakers at this event denounced the separation imposed on the camp dwellers by the polisario administration, which continues to prevent them from their rights to visit their relatives in their homeland Morocco.

In this respect, light was shed on the case of Mostapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, the former polisario police official who was tortured and separated from his relatives in Tindouf for having voiced intention to support Morocco’s autonomy initiative in the camps.

The participants held Algeria fully responsible for the human rights violations taking place in its territories, decrying as “illegal” the fact that Algeria left the populations in the camps to the mercy of the separatists.

On the polisario’s corruption, the panelist condemned the embezzlement of the humanitarian aid that is supposed to reach the camps’s population.

The conference, Held by the International Development Agency, was also an opportunity to showcase Morocco’s autonomy initiative which was presented with the aim of finding a lasting settlement of the Sahara conflect. In this respect, the speakers made it clear that, in the face of the polisario’s intransigence, the  autonomy plan represents the only feasible solution to the regional conflict.

They added that Morocco’s initiative will put an end to the ordeal of the Tindouf camps population.

Among the participants in the event were Chairwoman of the International network for the support of the Autonomy Initiative, Mroue Rowaida, Dr Lahcen Haddad and President of Action for Peace and Development in the Great Lakes, Maurice T. Katala.

Source: MAP

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