National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco Commemorated in Jakarta

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PERSISMA, Jakarta – The National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco, Wednesday (07/30/2014) at the Ballroom Borobudur Hotel, has been going on for quite a familiar and full of brotherhood. There were many invitees and representatives of embassies attended this event. Also, the Indonesian President of Foreign Affairs spokesman Dr. Teuku Faiza, Chairman of the Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association (PPWI) Wilson Lalengke accompanied by his officials including Danny Siagian, Winarsih Lalengke, H. Asrul Hoesein and members of the South Sulawesi Regional PPWI Faristiawan were among the audiens.

Furthermore, there were Mrs. Dewi Motik Pramono, the Indonesian Women Congress and Mr. Jamal Ghozi, the owner or CEO Pisma Group (PT. Pismatex Industry) Surabaya, the company that manufactures gloves with non-traditional weaving machine with the famous brand “Gajah Duduk”. Mr. Jamal is also the Kingdom of Morocco honorary concelor on Trade Attache in Surabaya.

National Day of the Kingdom of Morocco is as well as the 15th anniversary of the King of Morocco, King Mohammed VI ascended the throne as king of the “Land of Sunset”. Moroccan Ambassador to Indonesia, Mohamed Majdi gave a speech of King Mohammed VI and told that cultural diversity is more or less the same between Indonesia and Morocco is the main basis for fostering a more harmonious diplomatic relations between the two countries were hostile. In the event, invited guests were treated to food “pretty fancy” among other typical Moroccan Lamb, Orange, olive, juice and various types of cakes and drinks. Invitees seem to dissolve with the feel of African and Arabic food.

First President Ir. Soekarno with the King of Morocco, HM King Mohammed V (father of the current King of Morocco) has inaugurated the use of Jalan Soekarno (Roe Soekarno) in the heart of Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco (05/02/1960). In Morocco there is also the name of Jalan Jakarta, Bandung Jalan. Vice versa, Ir. Sukarno perpetuated in Indonesia (Jakarta) a street name of Casablanca.- (asrul-ppwi)

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