Spain warns its citizens about the risk terrorist attacks in Tindouf camps

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PERSISMA, Madrid – The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned on Wednesday Spanish nationals to visit the Tindouf camps in the Algerian territory, because of “increased instability in northern Mali and increased activity of groups Terrorists in the region.The ministry reports a “high risk of kidnappings and terrorist attacks in the region”.

These alerts confirm the Polisario’s dangerous connections with several international terrorist organizations and criminal groups specialized in cross-border traffic of all kinds operating in the Sahara and Sahel zones.

The Polisario Front, which controls the Tindouf camps and detains people deprived of all rights against their will, has been infiltrated by jihadist groups in order to execute projects and attacks in order to destabilize the countries of the region. .

The Tindouf camps, located in southwestern Algeria, have become a hub of organized crime and radical groups. Their existence increases the risk of terrorist spread, attacks and kidnappings.

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