Video: Morocco on International Handicraft Trade Fair – INACRAFT 2019

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PERSIMA, Jakarta – The Kingdom of Morocco has the opportunity to showcase its country’s handicrafts in the International Handicraft Trade Fair – INACRAFT 2019 held in Jakarta recently. The Minister of State of Morocco, Her Excellency Ms. Jamila El Moussali, together with Indonesian President Mr. Joko Widodo, officially opened Morocco’s booth t at the exhibition arena placed at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

On that occasion, dozens of types of handicrafts produced by Moroccans were displayed at the exhibition. Not only crafts that can be enjoyed by visitors, but also displayed by craftsmen who are working on their work. A variety of Moroccan handicrafts, including traditional woven fabrics, pottery, calligraphy and culinary items.

Visitors could also relish some special Moroccan art, especially the appearance of desert art, Moroccan Sahrawi performed by residents of the Sahara desert, Morocco. In addition, visitors can also taste Moroccan special food, such as cuscus, pastries, dates fruit and Moroccan tea.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo even pleased to enjoy some original dates fruit from Morocco and Moroccan Tea. At the end of his visit to Morocco booths, President Joko Widodo received a memento of platinum carving plates from the Moroccan Minister of State.

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