YPI Acknowledges Tonny Djayalaksana as The Person of the Year 2019

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PERSISMA, Jakarta – To coincide with the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2019, the Indonesian Care Foundation (YPI – Yayasan Peduli Indonesia) domiciled in the Netherlands, has acknowledged Tonny Djayalaksana as “Person of The Year 2019” for the mission peace that has long been brought. Previously, Person of the Year better known as Man of the Year.

Tonny Djayalaksana was named the Person of the Year 2019 in the Peace Promoter category by Wilson Lalengke as the representative for Indonesia from the Indonesian Care Foundation, at PT. Nusantara Tamawara Semesta office, Menara Anugrah, Taman Office E.3.3 unit D3A Lantai 3A, Jl. Dr. Idea Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot 8.6-8.7 Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia, Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Commenting on International Peace Day, Tonny Djayalaksana believes that if everyone in the world lived and lived their religion correctly and well, surely this world would be safe and peaceful. “There will be no more war between human beings,” said this successful businessman.

For the Carrier of Peace who is familiarly called Tonny, the meaning of peace is not only just the no occurrence of war, but as a whole. “So that peace can be established throughout the earth, not only between fellow human beings but also among all living creatures created on the globe,” explained Tonny who was born in Bandung on September 27, 1949.

In addition, peace as well for animals so that animals can also live and breed completely, and thus there is no mass killing of animals, which causes many types of animals in this world have begun to become extinct. “It is peaceful for the environment, so that water and air are not polluted, or forests are burned as is happening now in the Amazon,” said this Trustees of the Indonesian Sports Foundation (YOI – Yayasan Olahragawan Indonesia).

Tonny has spread her peace mission through various kinds of writings that can be seen at www.djayalaksana.com. Tonny has also written and published a book entitled “Allah is Real”.

This book is a story of Tonny’s spiritual journey known as a businessman in the energy sector and property developers. At the moment Tonny is developing a Golf Course in Manyaran Hills – Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Previously, he had orbited the Red and White Card – a prepaid credit card as a Provider.

Jokowi Emissary of the Universe

Coinciding with International Peace Day, Tonny Djayalaksana launched his second book entitled “Jokowi Emissary of the Universe”. Tonny revealed that he wrote this book as a sense of love for Indonesia. Therefore, ahead of the last general election, Tonny hopes that peaceful elections can be held without any riots. “For this reason, I dedicate Jokowi the ‘Messenger’ of the Universe to the Indonesian people,” he said.

The book “Jokowi Emissary of the Universe: Once Again the Universe Proves Never Breaks the Promise” is a spark of Tonny’s thoughts from the results of small-scale surveys and real facts during the 2019 Presidential Election. In this era of sophisticated sophistication, various journalistic track records about the performance, style and character of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo can be found in various sources.

The book is written not in a format like a standard historical book that tends to feel stiff. These writings are concoctions from various perspectives, ranging from political, historical and spiritual backgrounds.

In the first period of his leadership, President Jokowi had been very successful in building a strong pillar of national development through infrastructure development and many fundamental changes in terms of economic bureaucracy and licensing administration and using the concept of development of a centric Indonesian pattern (development based on villages and border areas).

Jokowi not only discovered, but also developed patterns, models, and styles of leadership that were relatively different from those of national leaders-politicians in general. In leading the government, Jokowi not only accentuates it by blinding, but also through his modest appearance. He represented the style of populist or post-elitist leaders.

During the 2019 Presidential Election yesterday, Jokowi was attacked by various criticisms, revilements, and even insults. But, precisely the great thing, Jokowi remained steadfast and was able to hold himself. He is able to manage his emotions, so that all attacks do not change themselves and their good intentions.

He faced the sharp and turbulent state with extraordinary patience. Hard work, good intentions and patience are the most prominent characteristics of Jokowi’s leadership. Indonesia in its leadership is being taken towards a better direction.

Moreover, he was pretty sure what he wrote in his book “Jokowi Envoy of the Universe: Once Again the Universe Proves Never Break the Promise”. Tonny believes, Jokowi will be able to create beautiful and wonderful things for this country.

“Thank God I pray to God for His grace so that it gives the strength, opportunity and ability to write this book,” said the Convert of the Age of Now.

“For this reason, I dedicate this book Jokowi Emissary Universe to the Indonesian people. I firmly believe that this universal law has never broken. Whoever sows goodness, of course he will reap goodness too. And vice versa, if what is planted is bad, then he too will reap the evil itself,” he concluded. (RBN / Red)

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