4,000 moroccan rural schools to be connected to the internet

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PERSISMA, Taroudant – Moroccan company Nortis will provide internet services to about 4,000 rural schools located in areas where there is no current internet connection. Nortis is a company specialized in providing satellite internet and is a Moroccan subsidiary of the Spanish company Quantis Global. It announced that it has been selected by the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training to connect 4,000 schools to the internet via satellite.

The project is part of the third phase of the overall project ‘Genie’, initiated (by who?) in 2009. Its aim is to connect 10,000 schools to the internet and improve the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Moroccan educational system.

Aquilino Antunes, CEO of Quantis Global, said that this project “is another step” in the “internet for all” initiative”which aims to facilitate universal internet access to all Moroccan citizens and eliminate the digital divide in the country.”

Anas Zemmouri, CEO of Nortis, said that this project will allow”the majority of Moroccan students to have access to the internet, with internet speeds that are comparable to those across the country.” Zemmouri added that this project “will have a very positive impact on the Moroccan educational systemin the short term.”

While some Moroccan schools are equipped with multimedia rooms and most of them offer computer science classes, the majority of these schools are still lacking internet connection. The project will help students conduct research and enhance their learning.

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