PPWI Courtesy Visit to the Moroccan Ambassador

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PERSISMA, Jakarta – The National Governing Board of the Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association (Persatuan Pewarta Warga Indonesia – PPWI) and the Firsts Union Lebanon paid a courtesy visit to the Ambassador of Morocco, H.E. Ouadia Benabdellah, at the Moroccan Embassy Building on Denpasar Street, South Jakarta, Thursday, March 28, 2024. During the meeting, Mr. Abdurahman Dabboussi – from the Firsts Union Lebanon, conveyed various programs of bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Morocco, as well as multilateral cooperation with other Arab countries.

Meanwhile, Ali Syarief, who attended both personally and represented the Chairman of PPWI, in the absence of the latter, presented foreign cooperation programs, especially those related to the Kingdom of Morocco. On this occasion, Ali Syarief discussed plans for Agricultural Benchmark Programs and Tourism Promotion, which are expected to be implemented in 2024. It was also reported that a similar program had been conducted for benchmarking in tourism with Nagano Prefecture in Japan, in November 2023.

The location of Morocco in the Northern Africa closer to France and Spain, as well as the uniqueness and beauty of Marrakesh City along with its desert culture, make the charm of the desert a potential attraction for Indonesian tourists to Morocco, according to Ali Syarief’s impression, conveyed to the Moroccan Ambassador, who had been invited to the Asia Business Forum event when Ambassador Tosari Wijaya was stationed in Rabat.

The Moroccan Ambassador added that Moroccan cuisine would not be unfamiliar to Indonesian palates. “Moroccan foods are much more familiar now for Indonesian,” said Ambassador Ouadia Benabdella.

The Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association (PPWI) has long established various collaborations with the Moroccan Embassy in Jakarta, as stated by the Chairman of PPWI, which is also evident from the conversations with the Ambassador, which often reflect a sense of familiarity.

Present with us were, among others, Ms. Winarsih, treasurer of PPWI; Julian Caisar, Vice Secretary-General of PPWI; and Ferlisan Tabanci, secretariat-staff of PPWI. (TEAM/Red)

Source: FusilatNews.Com

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