The Untold Story of Anwar Ibrahim, The Untold Story between Faith and Love

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PERSISMA, Malaysia – The Untold Story Anwar Ibrahim is a slick film based on the personal life story of a politician from Malaysia. This film tells the personal and family story of when he served as Malaysia’s Minister of Finance from 1991 to 1998, a strong character who faced various conditions and pressure from various parties and including from his superiors.

From the storyline in the film The Untold Story, Anwar Ibrahim is the figure of a Malaysian politician who succeeded in serving as Malaysia’s finance minister. However, because of his firmness in implementing various policies as an authorized minister, not a few of his political colleagues did not like Anwar Ibrahim’s firm attitude towards some of his actions in rejecting corruption money committed by his colleagues.

His personal story that was never revealed in serving the series of sorrows that he and his family experienced is now being made into a storyline in a film and shown to the general public. The goal is that the current millennial generation in Malaysia can understand and understand the joys and sorrows experienced by a figure Anwar Ibrahim 20 years ago, before occupying the current prime minister’s chair.

Lined up by reliable and well-known actors and actresses from Malaysia and Indonesia, this film was able to stir up the expressions of the audience. The storyline of the film brings the minds of the audience to a sad story in nature that presents a bitter event that happened.

Step by step the story presented in this film tells the consequences of a reformist struggle armed with firm faith and love in going through a storm of slanderous conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim’s family in the 1998 era. from the chair of finance minister to being a resident of iron bars.

In a state of pain and confined behind prison walls, finally the figure of Anwar Ibrahim rose in faith. He was inspired by Buya Hamka’s words, namely faith and love that are embodied in every struggle. “If you are afraid of the consequences, don’t talk about the struggle.” That is the narrative that adorns the storyline of the film.

Among the lines of actors and actresses who succeeded in the film The Untold Story Anwar Ibrahim were the figure of Anwar Ibrahim played by Farid Kamil (Malaysia), Wan Azizah played by Acha Septriasa (Indonesia), the figure of Mahathir played by Husnul Rahmat (Indonesia), Nurul Izzah Anwar played by Giselma Firmansyah (Indonesia), the mother figure is played by Dewi Irawan (Indonesia), and the Ibrahim figure is played by Piet Pagau (Indonesia).

The film, which has a historical background and biography of a Malaysian politician, has been produced by Bianglala Entertainment in collaboration with an early Malaysian screenwriter, namely Zulkifli Anwar Haque who is usually known as Zunar. This film was directed by Viva Westi, a famous director from Indonesia.

When attending and witnessing the launch of the film and its first release, on May 9, 2023, the film The Untold Story, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, as the character played in the film, said he was proud of the release of the film. Even though it doesn’t fully present a story that is too detailed, he believes this film purely tells what happened to him at that time.

On the first day of the screening of this film, May 18 2023, the Malaysian daily media, Harian Metro, released that RM 1 million had been generated. The budget ceiling is RM 10 million Malaysian ringgit for the making of this slick film.

This media also released audience visits in various cinema halls throughout Malaysia. “Until the third day of the screening of the film, netizens who wanted to watch the screening of the film were still lining up and crowding the cinema area, and it is hoped that they will be able to provide a notable comeback,” said the main director of PT Yusrich Global. (*)

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