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PERSISMA (Persaudaraan Indonesia Sahara-Maroko)
ISMB (Indonesian Sahara-Moroccan Brotherhood Association)

Phone: – local: (021) 520.0773; – international: +62.21.520.0773
Fax: – local: (021) 520.0586; – international: +62.21.520.0586
Mobile/WhatsApp: +62-81371549165 (Shony)
Email: [email protected]

PERSISMA is an organization initiated by Indonesians cooperate with Moroccan embassy’s staffs in Jakarta since 2012. The organization based on the philosophy of “brotherhood makes us civilized human beings on earth” aims to bridge the communication of various parties in the communities of the two nations, namely the Indonesian and the Moroccan.

Marketing and Ads, please contact: +62-81371549165 (Mr. Shony)

It is well aware that such a distance between Indonesia in Southeast Asia and Morocco in the north west of Africa is a challenge for both nations. However, with the help of current information technology support, communication and information sharing among Persisma’s members can run more smoothly and benefit.

Let’s establish brotherhood among fellow Indonesians and Moroccans, as well as other nations in the world. Thank you very much.

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Brief note: This website is an official publication media of the organization of Indonesian Sahara Moroccan Brotherhood Association (Persisma – Persaudaraan Indonesia Sahara Maroko) based in Jakarta. Everyone can reach us via our contact above. We also welcome for all to contribute to build and develop such fraternity among Indonesian and Moroccan as well as other nations. Yes, this website is for you and the entire communities on this planet. Hopefully it will benefit for all. Thank you.

Marketing and Ads, please contact: +62-81371549165 (Mr. Shony)