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Defend the farming land, a number of farmers from the village of Kalasey Dua were shot by the police

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PERSISMA, Manado – Farmers in Kalasey Dua Village, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, are struggling to maintain their agricultural land which has been cultivated for generations for decades. Clashes between the village farmers and the police were unavoidable. As a result of the clashes, a number of residents who were also farmers on the land they fought for were injured, some fainted.

This heartbreaking incident began with the execution of the land without showing the Manado District Court’s decision letter by a number of police and Satpol-PP, on November 7, 2022. According to the legal adviser who defended the farmers, the execution was an illegal act, aka illegal because execution was the authority of the District Court, not in the hands of the State Administrative Court.

Regardless of the existing problems, the barbaric actions of the police are embarrassing as well as scratching the sense of justice in society. How can we justify the brutal actions of the apparatus in committing violence against the people who have bought the apparatus and his wife’s underwear, but act arrogantly towards the defenseless mothers and grandparents? What are the contents of the goons’ skulls? Almost certainly their hearts are jet black without conscience.

Watch the video to the end. If you don’t feel sad to see the depraved behavior of the dajjal’s thugs towards the helpless mothers and residents of Kalasey Dua Village, what is your heart made of? They were fired upon with tear gas which incidentally was bought from the people’s money, damaged the farmer’s posts, and broke up the residents’ lunch.

It’s an outrage that should not be done by healthy and sane people. May the Lord of the worlds help the farmers, His creations who are persecuted by His creations who are tyrannical and perverted due to wealth and power. (*)

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