Achievements of national programme for Moroccans abroad presented in Rabat

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PERSISMA, Rabat – The Minister in charge of the Moroccan community living abroad, Mohamed Ameur presented, on Tuesday in Rabat, the results of the national programme for Moroccan expatriates for 2008-2011.

Speaking at a press briefing, the Minister provided an overview of the actions undertaken by his department within the framework of the national programme covering the cultural, educational, social, judicial, administrative, economic, institutional and communicational fields.

This programme, explained Ameur, includes actions carried out in Morocco and in the host countries and lays down the means and mechanism of their implementation.

At the educational and cultural levels, Ameur said that special attention was given to the younger generations through the creation of Moroccan cultural centers, notably in Europe and Arab countries for a total cost of 486 million dirhams.


In the same vein, numerous cultural and educational activities were organized in Morocco and abroad, added Ameur, noting that the programme has supported Moroccan festivals in host countries and promoted the teaching of the Moroccan language and culture.

To bring further social support to the Moroccan expatriates, Ameur said that the social services in Moroccan consulates were reinforced with social workers.

In this respect, the Moroccan official shed light on the repatriation operations of around 18,800 Moroccans from countries hit by natural disasters or violence.

Concerning the judicial and administrative fields, an annual budget of 12 million dirhams has been dedicated to support the Moroccans abroad and 16,000 requests and complaints were treated by the social and judicial services of the Ministery, he said.

The programme has also supported social and cultural projetcs by the associations of the Moroccans abroad carried out in host countries for a total cost of 15 million dirhams.

On the same occasin, Ameur recalled the establishment of a fund to promote the investments of the Moroccan expatriates.

Source: MAP

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