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  • Over 13 million voters to have a say on new draft constitution on Friday

Over 13 million voters to have a say on new draft constitution on Friday

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PERSISMA, Rabat – Over 13 million citizens are expected to go to polls to vote on the new draft constitution, whose broad lines were announced by HM King Mohammed VI in a speech to the nation.

According to the Interior Ministry, 13,106,948 voters were registered in electoral lists, 54.8% of whom are men and 45.2 women.

The members of the Royal Armed Forces, and security forces, including the Royal Gendarmerie, the police and Auxiliary Forces will take part in the vote.

Polling stations were also opened in Morocco’s Embassies and Consulates to enable the Moroccans living abroad to participate in the referendum.

The referendum campaign started on June 21 and will end on Thursday June 30.

Source, @Map, Last modification 06/30/2011 11:25 AM.

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