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HM The King of Morocco Offers Condolences to Widow of Great Activist, Late Abderrahmane El-Youssoufi

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PERSISMA, Rabat, 29 May 2020 – HM King Mohammed VI King of Morocco, sent a message of condolences to Hélène El-Youssoufi, widow of great activist, late Abderrahmane El-Youssoufi, former Prime Minister, who died on Friday at the age of 96.

In this message, the Sovereign affirmed that he learned with deep sadness the news concerning the death of the great activist, late Abderrahmane El-Youssoufi, adding that his passing is a considerable loss, not only for his family, but also for his country, Morocco, which lost one of its most valiant men.

In fact, an entire section of the history of contemporary Morocco bears the mark of his singular personality and his unique style of faithful and loyal man, clearly attached to principles and guided by an eminent sense of responsibility, said the Sovereign.

In this painful circumstance which occurred according to the unstoppable will of God, HM the King expressed His heartfelt condolences and deep compassion to Hélène El-Youssoufi and, through her, to the loved ones of the deceased, his friends, supporters, and large national political family, especially the Socialist Union of Popular Forces party.

The Sovereign said he has a respectful and deferential thought for the deceased who had great human qualities, stressing that his sincere patriotism has never wavered during the decades of his militant action. His career was dedicated to the defense of human rights and his political life was marked by huge sacrifices.

Driven by an ardent devotion to serve the higher interests of the Motherland, he always showed an unshakable attachment to the Glorious Alawite Throne, an unwavering loyalty to the sacred symbols and immutable values of the Nation, said the message.

“We take the full measure of this cruel loss. We remember how the illustrious deceased had engaged, from the first hour, in the anti-colonial fight, and, with humility and abnegation, he devoted his whole life to serve his country’s sacred causes,” the Royal message recalled.

The Sovereign emphasized that, driven by such values, the deceased stood out in the exercise of the missions which were successively entrusted to him, in particular that of Prime Minister in the alternation government, under the reign of Our Venerated Father, HM late King Hassan II, may God have his soul, then under that of Our Majesty.

The Royal message underlined that the late departed thus worked during a significant historical stage in the process of consolidating our democracy and revealed his stature as a wise and experienced statesman.

“Sharing your grief in these painful moments, We assure you of Our continuous and benevolent solicitude and pray the Almighty to give you comfort and solace,” underlined the message.

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