Mori King to be a National Hero, Congress of Wita Mori Proposes

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PERSISMA, Kolonodale, Central Sulawesi – The 2nd Congress of Wita Mori in Kolonodale, North Morowali, Central Sulawesi, officially proposes Mori King, Mokole Marunduh, as Indonesia National Hero of Central Sulawesi Province. It was revealed Pramaartha Pode to this media, Sunday, March 1, 2020. This Doctor of Political Science UGM alumnae said, the proposal was revealed considering there is no National Hero from Central Sulawesi.

“Mori king, Mokole Marunduh, died on the battlefield against the Netherlands in Wulanderi Fort. Unlike other areas whose king subdued to the Netherlands, Mori King chose to die rather than surrender to the Netherlands,” said Praamartha Pode briefly explained about Mokole Marunduh’s sacrifice.

This original land-son of North Morowali Region continues that with a very large role in independence, Mori King Mokole Marunduh deserves to be awarded as a national hero. “According to our understanding, Mori King is well deserved to be awarded the title of Indonesia National Hero,” Pode concluded.

Further, members of the Board of Central Sulawesi Indigenous Consultation Board targeted in 2021 this proposal can be considered by the Central Government due to its administrating process starting from Regency, Provincial and last at the Central Govenment. This proposal was well received by the 2nd Congress of Wita Mori and will soon be processed in accordance with applicable terms of rules.

The title of this national hero, certainly guidelines on Act No. 20 Year 2009 about Title, Signs of Service, and Honor Signs, especially chapter 26. In this article described the title given to someone who has passed away and during his stay has done struggle in battle or struggle in other fields to achieve, seize, defend, and fill independence and embody unity of the nation.

Strengthen the relationship of fellow Mori Tribe

The 2nd Congress of Wita Mori was carried out at the Tepo Asa Aroa Morokoa building, in Kolonodale City, an old town in the mouth of Tolo Bay, currently the capital of North Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi. The Congress lasted 2 days, 28-29 February 2020.

Chairman of the Committee of Reimon Monsangi, SE reported that the implementation of the Congress of Wita Mori was held under article 18 b and Article 28 i of the Indonesian Constitution 1945, organisation’s rules of Wita Mori Custom Council, Wita Mori Custom Council Notary Act and Wita Mori Indigenous Council Decisions on the organizing committee of Wita Mori congressional.

The purpose of 2nd Congress of Wita Mori is to gather various opinions and ideas from various perspectives of sources. Thus, directional and motivated Congress participants formulate attitudes, manifesting civilized, peaceful, and democratic Mori society. It can be achieved through language, customs and culture and art.

In addition, to re-install idealism To Mori (Mori) in knitting the togetherness of Wita Mori (North Morowali) into an advanced county area in Central Sulawesi Province.

Regent of North Morowali, Aptripel Tumimomor, gives appreciation to all related parties, especially the committee, who have attempted to realize the 2nd Congress of Wita Mori can be accomplished. The Regent of Northern Morowali is grateful for the care of Wita Mori figures, both in North Morowali Regency and outside, in order to keep and preserve the sublime value of Wita Mori culture.

The Regent says that he is optimistic on the implementation of the Congress of Wita Mori can go well and succeed. “Make Tepo Asa Aroa as a basic value in realizing thoughts and ideas, especially uniting the 44 land-sons of Wita Mori tribe in North Morowali regency,” please Regent Tumimomor.

The spirit of Tepo Asa Aroa is forward to make a relationship between Mori tribes. Expected through the activities, all participants of the Congress also discussed and come up to innovation in preserving Wita Mori culture. (PDE/Red)

Note: Photo description: King Mori, Mokole Marunduh (Mokole means King)

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