Situation in Tindouf Camps

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PERSISMA – A young Sahraoui face veiled, member of the structure named The Youth Movement for Change, made, on 14.05.2014 at the camp named Laayoune, a video registration, through which he explains the reasons of clashes on the said camp on 11 May 2014, between young Sahraouis and security elements of Polisario, following the arrest of Mr. El Ghilani Lahcen Ould Lhoucine Boumrah.

In this context the author of this video, who challenges the propaganda conveyed by Polisario about these incidents as acts of subversives opponents and traitors, stressed that residents of “Laayoune’s” camp have observed a sit-in in front of the headquarter of the wilaya of the said camp in order to express their support to the young trader arrested for having started a preparatory work construction of a shop, stating that a rally degenerated thereafter in clashes with security elements of Polisario.

The youth movement for change expressed its solidarity with the Sahraoui who was arrested and with all victims of the separatist organization which continues to enrich itself illegally and to use the humanitarian assistance granted by the international community, as a weapon, in order to subject dissenting voices. This young Sahraoui denounced deprivation of refugees of their right to education, to employment, to freedom of movement and obtaining travel documents by calling international community to intervene on their behalf.

The two Sahraouis protesters Abdelhay Limani Ould Maaraif Ould Jouli and Maarouf Ould Hamdi, observing a sit-in, since 22.1.2014, in front of UNHCR headquarter in Rabouni, spent the night of 11 to 12.05.2014, in situ, with other protesters.

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