Joint Statement from Ministry of Health and CGEM

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PERSISMA, Rabat – Here follows a joint statement from the Ministry of Health and Moroccan employers’ body (CGEM):

“HM King Mohammed VI called on Moroccan employers to undertake a mass screening action within the participatory framework for managing the Covid pandemic 19.

This operation will allow company managers to protect employees and limit the risk of virus spreading by applying screening tests, similar to the mass screening operation carried out since May 16 in banking establishments in partnership between the Ministry of Health and the GPBM and which has given excellent results by the discovery of only 2 infected cases out of more than 8,100 tests carried out to date.

In this context, the Sovereign gave His High Instructions to the Ministry of Health to provide the CGEM with its material and human resources in order to launch a national campaign to screen for COVID-19 infection among employees of companies in the private sector, taking into account the overcrowding and the characteristics and health constraints inherent in workplaces.

Thus, this action will contribute to a resumption of secure activity, which can take place in the best conditions.”

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