Statement of Royal Cabinet of Morocco

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PERSISMA, Rabat (16 March 2017) – The Royal Cabinet on Wednesday evening issued a statement, which reads as follows:

Statement of Royal Cabinet

“HM King Mohammed VI took the initiative, 48 hours after the announcement of the results of the legislative elections of October 7, 2016, to appoint Mr. Abdelilah Benkirane as Head of Government.

It may be recalled that HM the King had, on several occasions, exhorted the appointed Head of Government to speed up the formation of the new Government.


After the return of HM the King to the country following the tour which led the Sovereign to several brotherly African countries, HM the King has learnt that the consultations conducted by the Head of Government for more than five months have not yet led to the formation of the governmental majority, in addition to the absence of any sign that foreshadows its forthcoming formation.

By virtue of the constitutional prerogatives of HM the King, as guarantor of the Constitution and the good functioning of institutions, and defender of the supreme interests of the Nation and citizens, and consequently of His Majesty’s concern to overcome the current state of stalemate, HM the King has decided to appoint another political figure of the Justice and Development Party as the new Head of Government.

HM the King has opted for this High decision, among all the other options granted to Him by the letter and spirit of the Constitution, to accomplish His sincere will and permanent concern to consolidate the democratic choice and to preserve the achievements made by our country in this area.

HM the King will receive this figure as soon as possible and will instruct him to form the new government.

HM the King commended the high sense of responsibility and sincere patriotism shown by Abdelilah Benkirane throughout the period during which he assumed the presidency of the Government in full effectiveness, competence and self-denial”.

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