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COP22 To Kick Off on Positive Note After Enforcement of Paris Agreement

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PERSISMA, Rome – The COP22 will start on a positive note few days following the enforcement of the Paris Agreement, said president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Kanayo F. Nwanze.

The head of IFAD told MAP that the COP22 will maintain momentum in favor of commitments made at the Paris meeting.

The financial aspect will be pivotal for two reasons. On the one hand, mobilizing 100 billion dollars for action in favor of climate is a priority for most developing countries.

On the other hand, donors would like to see concrete measures taken to turn this funding into sustainable investment, mainly for vulnerable populations, he noted.

“These two visions can be complementary but we can expect a pressing demand for rigorous monitoring of the said funding and its spending,” he said.

Regarding the division of resources, the issue of balance between mitigation efforts and adaptation efforts will be also a key element in debates, he said.

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