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Covid-19: HM King of Morocco Calls for Vigilance, Solidarity and Respect for Safety Measures

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PERSISMA, Tetouan, Morocco – HM King Mohammed VI called for vigilance, solidarity and respect for safety measures in the face of signs of laxness in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

“I have instructed the Government to support the sectors affected by the pandemic, safeguard jobs and preserve the spending power of families who have lost their source of livelihood,” stressed the Sovereign in a Speech addressed to the Nation on Wednesday on the occasion of the Throne Day.

“However, I must say, in all frankness, that the repercussions of this health crisis will be harsh, notwithstanding our efforts to reduce its impacts,” pointed out HM the King.

“I therefore urge everyone to remain mobilized and vigilant, to promote solidarity and to comply with safety measures. I also call for the adoption of a plan to make sure we are prepared and ready to face – God forbid – a second wave of the epidemic, especially in view of the laxness noted recently,” the Sovereign underlined.

“Our action is not limited to simply facing up to the current epidemic. We also aim to address its social and economic effects by building on a comprehensive, future-oriented approach and by drawing lessons from this experience,” added HM the king.

“Even though this crisis has shown that social bonds in our country are solid, and that solidarity between Moroccans is a fact of life, it has also revealed a number of shortcomings, especially in the social field,” the Sovereign noted.

“Among them are the size of the informal sector, the inadequacy of social safety nets – especially for the most vulnerable groups – and the exposure of a number of sectors to external fluctuations,” HM the king said.

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