The Faces OF Polisario Corruption

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PERSISMA – The website published an article, shows one of the many faces of corruption in the ranks of the polisario.

The representative of the polisario in the “Pays Basque» in Spain, Oudadi Ould Benamar, from the Rguibat Oulad Moussa tribe, offered on May 1, 2019, a sum of money of 25,000 euros to his ex-wife, Slima Mint Mohammed Ould Benin, as a pledge of reconciliation following his infidelity.

Day after day, the order of the leaders of the polisario is revealed by the theft and the corruption of the aid provided to the detained population in Tindouf.

Unlike corrupt people who live in the luxury of “Polisario leaders, represented abroad …” the Saharawi’s of Tindouf are victims of persecution, famine and exclusion, without the benefit of the aid given to the people in Tindouf.

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