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Moroccan Sahrawi Art Team Performs at the Opening of Inacraft 2019 in Jakarta

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Sahrawi Moroccan artists perform Sahrawi traditional dance and music

PERSISMA, Jakarta – A number of Moroccan Sahrawi art artists were presented at the Opening of the 2019 Jakarta International Trade Fair (Inacraft) held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday, April 24 2019. In the event attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the Moroccan Sahrawi arts team perform several dances accompanied by traditional musical instruments from the Sahara Desert, Morocco, which were very impressive. The Moroccan Sahrawi dancers and musicians dressed in typical Sahrawi clothes that inhabit the area of ​​the Western Sahara Desert, the Kingdom of Morocco.

Present at the opening ceremony of Inacraft 2019, President Joko Widodo Together with a number of Working Cabinet Ministers, Secretary of the Kingdom of Morocco, Her Excellency Ms. Jamila El Moussali representing the King of the Kingdom of Morocco together with a number of officials from Morocco. In addition, it was also seen sitting in the VVIP ranks of the Ambassador of Morocco to Indonesia, H.E. Mr. Ouadia Benabdella and several ambassadors along with the embassy staff respectively.

Indonesian Journalist Wilson Lalengke pictures with Mr. Ibrahim, a Sahrawi Moroccan artist

Meanwhile, from the Indonesian side, the event began with an offering dance that depicted the diversity of Indonesian people from Sabang to Papua. The exotical and energetic dance brought by Indonesian dancers was quite astonishing to the leaders of the two countries, Indonesia and Morocco, as well as all who were present at the opening ceremony of the Inacraft.

Largest and Most Complete Exhibition

The Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (Inacraft) this year seems very special. Because, at the exhibition of creative handicrafts that is said to be the largest and most complete exhibition in the world, the Kingdom of Morocco was also included as the Country of Honour in this annual event in Indonesia. This of course can have a very good impact on the development and progress of the world of Indonesian handicraft industry.

In his speech, President Joko Widodo expressed his delight and appreciation for the participation of the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco in this exhibition, by sending craftsmen from Morocco’s creative crafts to the event. The President hoped that this collaboration would not only increase the volume and quality of handicraft products, but would also open up wider opportunities for both countries’ market share and cooperation in other economic fields.

After the opening ceremony, the President who was present with the First Lady, Iriana Joko Widodo, along with Minister Jamila El Moussali, reviewed the Inacraft exhibition stands that presented no less than 1500 booths, and invites potential buyers from 60 countries. Morocco as a Country of Honour in Inacraft this time is one of the central concerns of President Joko Widodo and other visitors. In fact, the President and Minister Jamila specifically did ribbon cutting at the entrance to the Kingdom of Morocco exhibition stands as a sign of the inauguration of the Moroccan booths. (APL/Ed)

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