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Morocco-France-presidential: The King of Morocco welcomes Francois Hollande

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PERSISMA, RABAT (May 6, 2012) – Morocco’s King Mohammed VI commended Francois Hollande Sunday after his election as head of France wished him “every success” in its “noble mission to serve the French people friend” it was said official sources.

In a lengthy message of “warm congratulations” released in Rabat, the Moroccan monarch said he was “convinced” that the special relationship and that singular “bind our two countries as well as their strategic partnership of exception will firm up even more.”

France is the first economic partner of the kingdom, a leading emerging markets in Africa.

“I want to assure you of my firm determination to work together with you to improve this relationship that draws its strength from the force of constantly renewed old ties of friendship and mutual esteem between the peoples of Morocco and French,” wrote the King of Morocco.

The King of Morocco, who had received in March the first secretary of the French Socialist Party Martine Aubry, also expressed as “two countries will work (…) to strengthen their cooperation in the fight against terrorism, obscurantism, hatred and intolerance”.

The Moroccan community in France has over a million people.

According to testimony released Saturday by the Moroccan TV 2M (public), Moroccans living in France had expressed their desire to see Francois Hollande win the presidency.

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